An Asisian conducts his/herself in a manner consistent with the principles of modern chivalry.  Although not always perfect in their quest for harmony with all that is, nevertheless, they at all times strive for their conduct to be an example to others. The gauge upon which the Asisians mark themselves can be summed up in the following Principles of Chivalry.


The 14 Principles of Chivalry

1. A True Knight/Lady must be a gentleperson yet fails not in duty.

2. A True Knight/Lady must uphold the Dignity of Man and Woman, remembering that all are born free and equal in Dignity and Rights.

3. A True Knight/Lady's manner of living is an example to the young.

4. A True Knight/Lady shall at no time act outrageously nor do murder or be cruel in any way to man or beast.

5. A True Knight/Lady respects and defends the rights of all men and women to seek truth and wisdom.

6. A True Knight/Lady takes no part in wrongful quarrel but at all times supports the Lawful rights of all men and women.

7. A True Knight/Lady's word is their bond.

8. A True Knight/Lady must be honourable in all things and know good from evil.

9. A True Knight/Lady must be of modest demeanour and not seek worship unto themself.

10. A True Knight/Lady must seek out such Quests as lead to the protection of the oppressed and never fail in Charity, Fidelity and the Truth.

11. A True Knight/Lady speaks evil of no other. A slanderous tongue brings shame and disgrace to an Honourable Knight/Lady.

12. A True Knight/Lady never betrays a trust or confidence given to them by a brother Knight/Lady.

13. A True Knight/Lady must so order his life that by their contributions the people of the world may hope to live together in greater peace and tolerance.

14. A true Knight/Lady always seeks for the best of everything within them and liberates only those things into the world around them leaving the worst within them to rot and fade away without seeing the light of day in the world. For what they choose not to do cannot cause effects in the world.