1. Question:

    In the Brief Introduction it says “…has no place for beliefs, rituals, dogmas, indoctrinated religions…” but then it goes  on to say "anyone can be an Asisian Knight by mere choice. But it will be a choice defined and motivated by a deep inner instinctual gut feeling of its truth, even if they do not know it to be so by direct personal conscious experience as yet” isn't that a belief?


   First and foremost all the things mentioned are within us ALL anyway. With some folk things bubble up to the surface as direct conscious experience; so they know something by the experience of it. With others they lurk just below the surface of conscious awareness and are felt as a deep gut instinct. When that is the case and somebody mentions something then that “Oh yeah, I get it’ thing kicks in. With others there are so many layers of indoctrinated nurture and virtual reality laid upon them that the natural inner stuff cannot get through it too readily, and hence they believe things and know nothing about instinctual gut feelings or direct experiences arising from the inner levels of our being. This is the danger of brainwashing and priestcraft; same too with socio-political propaganda and media hype in a commercial rat race world.  That which is innate in all of us CAN become buried under so many layers of junk pumped in if it is allowed to happen. Some fall for it and some do not.  As to why one goes either way is another question, and not so easy to answer; but it is likewise associated with our instinctual drives as an individual. We are all made of the same stuff, but there are differences up the pipeline. So too is the amount of brainwashing which people undergo reative to this or that family or this and that culture.


   Thus, an Asisian is somebody who chooses to live life by how they find it AS IS (and also with a chivalric code of conduct added to it) whilst not running from instinctual gut feelings about things and yet not being gullible to social brainwashing.



2. Question: What is an Asisian in simple terms please?

   It is a person who takes life as they find it to be by way of their own personal conscious experience of existing whilst not putting mere beliefs into the equation one way or the other regard to things which they do not yet know by their own direct experience of life. Experience is stuff which happens to you; it is what you get.  It is also your feelings and reactions to it all.

   True enough hearsay is the experience of hearing something or reading it. But is the something which you hear or read attested to and confirmed to be so by your own experience of life so far?  You cannot know if hearsay is correct or not - not until you know from your own experience.  This does not mean refuting everything you hear or read, it simply means keeping an open mind one way or the other. An Asisian life is a life not lived by proxy. 

   Added to which the Chivalry bit (an essential for the Asisian life style) is because YOU want it that way; not because you are told to do it or because it is the right and honourable thing to do. It has to be genuine or it is nothing.  It is not a good idea to confuse knowing something (by experience) with that of knowing OF something by hearsay. The latter is not KNOWING. The speaker may KNOW it, but they might be leading you up the garden path and not know it at all. So, how do you know if they are right: or telling a fib; or have simply made an honest mistake? Nothing is really simple is it? But there is no need to make it more complicated than it really is by adding stuff which is not there. YOU are a conscious life form so find out what exists to become conscious of by way of existing as a conscious entity. Do flying saucers exist with little aliens in them?  I have never met one so I do not know. I am not going to take it as a fact on mere hearsay however.