[The pronunciation of the word Asisian is "AS IS eon".]

A Brief Introduction.

Who are the Asisians?  The Asisians, or Asisian Knights, is a fraternal society or gathering of modern day mystics, sensitives, poets, and philosophers not a secret society, cult group or doctrinal state religion.  It is based upon Human experience ONLY, not beliefs, hopes or wishes; nor using symbolic structures for speaking of what they discover, but rather AS IS found to be.  Founded in 2007 CE, by a small group of mystics, sensitives, poets and philosophers, who's names are of no importance.  The first rule and code of conduct within this fraternity is that the initial rules and qualifications for membership will never be changed.

What is the structure of the Asisian Fraternity?  There are no initiation rights, no hierarchy, no fees, and membership is open to every human being. Membership is not a stated vow or ritual but simply a personal decision, and without mention to anybody else if it be the individuals choice. Members can drift in and out of membership at will, and as according to their own experience, feelings, and wishes at this or that time. Initiation is as simply saying to themselves "I am an Asisian".

Why does the Asisian Fraternity exist? To knowingly and actively encourage people to help change the existing social paradigm from that of greed, selfishness, hedonism, silly man made socio-political beliefs, and big business and political abuse and corruption, into one of an Experiential Paradigm which manifests the innate Dignity of Man in action.

Why is it needed? Because of the way things are here at this point in time; and they are not the way that they are by accident. All wars and peace, all human conventions and social policies, start and end in the human mind. We do not make the physical world, but we do make the world of human existential existence on it. Nothing else is going to do this job for us it is down to us. We are already given all that we need to do it, and determination and effort must take the place of fear and cowardice. For we truly reap what we sow; and the bell tolls for all of us.

What is the criteria for AS IS? The criteria is in that of human conscious experience (personal not indoctrinated experience or hearsay) of the unification of the physical and metaphysical nature of being as it is directly experienced and lived and known to be AS IS found to be by our conscious experience of existing. The Asisian Fraternity has no place for beliefs, rituals, dogmas, indoctrinated religions, hearsay, personal power or personal reward.

Who can be a member?  Does this mean that only mystics can be members of this fraternity? No, anyone can be an Asisian Knight by mere choice. But it will be a choice defined and motivated by a deep inner instinctual gut feeling of its truth, even if they do not know it to be so by direct personal conscious experience as yet. Thus, by a deep affinity with it which to them is undeniable. Thus the Asisian Fraternity is a spiritual organization without a doctrinal religion, without a belief system, without creeds and rituals, without priestcraft, without robes, without finances, and without a political agenda. But with a will. Each member is free to pursue their own political ideal as they see it and understand to be, providing no physical or mental abuse of
anyone is implemented by virtue of which.

What is the premise of the Asisian Fraternity?  The fundamental premise of an Asisian is that the outer world is not only in a process of becoming an extended phenomenon and incarnate reflection of a transcendent and eternal cosmological principle but also that the mind of Man (humanity) is central to this process by the freedom of will and by the essential nature of our being at root.   Thus, the transcendent aspect of BEING is no more and no less a spiritual phenomenon than is the physical world and physical universe itself - and albeit that the two are very different fields of existence in experiential terms. Yet not only united in one greater whole, but that the outer as being an extended emanation of the principle and existence of the inner essential nature of BEING. Thus, in the experience and understanding of the Asisians, there is both the inner (metaphysical) and the outer (physical): the observer and the observed, the knower and the known, the singer and the song and that of Being and Becoming an incarnate temporal becoming which is itself an unfolding of the innate inner principle of an implicate order of things beyond the movement of Time and Change AS IS.  Hence, the mind of Man is discovered to be ever tied to the cross of Time and Eternity.

Background music: Title: Reunion; Composer: Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard; Release: 2000; Movie: Gladiator