Have questions you'd like to discuss about Asisians, the Asisian way of life, "mystical" events, how it all fits together?  Want to find others that have experienced life changing exposure to TRUTH about what AS IS?  The following groups provides an opportunity for you to not only get input and find answers to your questions but to have an opportunity to converse with those who have been given first hand KNOWLEDGE of the UNIVERSAL TRUTHS.  We highly recommend that you join both groups as they are inter-related. 

        Asisian Knights - Yahoo group that is associated with this website

        The Primordial Quest - a sister Yahoo group that delves into subjects appropriate for
        Asisian Knights/Ladies

  Have a question that you would prefer not posting on a public group?

        Click on the link at the end of this sentence to send questions that you would like addressed in a
        private manner: Questions

Websites that contain additional information/material helpful to Asisian Knights & Ladies. - Home website for R. W. "Dick" Richardson

Links That May Be Of Interest

ThePhDSociety - a Yahoo group whose focus is on sustainable communities and alternative energy sources

The_Phoenix_Association - An esoteric Hermetically based Yahoo group