A brief overview of the moral principles of a member of the Asisian Fraternity is that he and she will endeavour to do no harm knowingly. To do what is always right is not possible to know, (prior to getting it all wrong first anyway) but one can instinctively feel what is wrong action prior to knowing it to be so, and they must feel that and find that for themselves. This does not mean pacifism or non action on the contrary in fact; for the world of tomorrow becomes what the consensus of humanity allows it to become by their decisions and actions today. Thus ALL Asisians live by a principle of chivalry and caring and sharing not opting out.

The goals and aspirations of an Asisian (members are called Asisian Knights and Ladies by the way) is to consciously unite with that sacred order of that transcendent state of BEING which exists in the ground of all BEING if they have not already done so. But not by rituals, drugs, or any means other than natural spontaneous conscious reunion. And we are always connected to it. The quest for the neophyte Asisian is to be open to finding that grail of Inner Wisdom and thence making good use of it in the temporal world for all life forms thereon.

If this mystical reunion does not come about during a lifetime here then that does not matter, for it usually does not anyway but it does sometimes. Thus, that which they refer to as the mystic death and resurrection of consciousness event does indeed happen during a lifetime, and at any age, and without seeking it or invoking it, but by just being there to receive what comes, and without fear of that lone journey through the dark until found in the reunion with it. But that is ONLY the start, for the union of both the transcendent and the physical world here and now is the ultimate goal and experience of the Neophyte Asisian Knight The Consummatum Incarnate when creation and existence itself is fulfilled on earth, and the knower and the known become as one here and now also AS it IS in the paradise of that Eternal inner condition of Primordial Cognitive BEING. And which itself manifests forth from NO CREATED THING the primordial unchanging stuff of which everything issued forth is constructed of. As are we ourselves, and all things issued forth from the point of no duration and no extension.

No man or woman is responsible for, nor the craftsman of, their own talents and potentials. But our power is in what we do with them and how we use them and share them for the betterment and joy of all who partake in existence, and by our choices, decisions and actions. We are each responsible for our actions, unless extremely mentally sick. `Here is existence, use it well and use it with the wisdom which exists at the root of your being, and is there to be found, and to be used here and now on earth'.

The daily work of an Asisian is to help, play their small part, in making this world a better place for people to born into and to assist them all in fulfilling their personal function in existence here and now, if and where that is possible to do so, or merely help to do so. And sweeping the road is an important and much needed job to be done here as is nurturing ones progeny whilst without brainwashing them with invented rubbish and lies.

Intelligence has nothing to do with being an Asisian (but it helps), it is purely down to the nature of the person themselves. There is no striving to abolish each unique ego (personality) for that uniqueness is both natural and treasured. But rather to assist that personality (ego) to become strong, individualistic, and to use their talents for the betterment of the whole; thus, not selfishness. Moderate doses of selfishness are encouraged, (and indeed needed at
times) but like all other things, not to access, and not at the expense of any other living creature. A persons moral stance must be found within themselves (where it exists anyway) not from books or dictates. We can each teach what we know, and wave the rest. Asisians live all their life with an open and enquiring mind, but not open to stupidity to the point where their brain falls out. Both Emotion and Reason are necessary dual facets of the horsepower which drives their cart of being.

In reality there are no prizes or rewards, no punishment or retribution other than the psychological chains which you manufacture for yourself and have to live with yourself whilst here. Asisians act unconditionally other than the love of being and being a small unique part of the whole. And indeed our actions echo in Eternity, and our footprints prevail in the sands of Time. If you want a better world then go and make it so. For nothing else will do it for you, or for us. We already have the tools for the job for you are born here with them. Do not ask non extant beings to do that which we can do ourselves here and now. The Asisian Knights are riddled with a pragmatism which walks hand in hand with love and deep passion and spirituality.

The collective goal of Asisians is to foster a chivalrous paradigm and social culture throughout the third (so called) millennium, so that by the forth millennium it will become instinctual social behaviour without question or doubt (although they will be welcome to do so). AS it IS in Eternity. For you also have residence in Eternity, now and always; and the conscious mind of Man is ever tied to the cross of Time and Eternity. AS it IS found to be the case.

We are here Ab Aeterno Ad Hoc. And that means YOU. Whether you know it yet or not. But even if you do not know it consciously yet, you can still FEEL it. Even though the existing cultural paradigm only knows of the five outer senses they are but periscopes above the waves of physical Time and Space, but there are also the inner facing senses and of which FEELING and Understanding are the two most important in as far as we observers of the observed can ever know about.

Thus, Know that Transcendent Part of Your SELF, for it is the nearest thing to No Created Thing, and which exists in Eternity. And then let the outer reality become as the inner; the Form as is the Essence, and the basic Spirit of BEING.

Good hunting - and Gnothi Seauton.


A Member of the Asisian Fraternity.

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