Where some walk on the mystic path

in knowledge of what they do,

I, like many others,

knew not of what they do.

One simply takes in that which comes

and meditates thereon,

while mind and heart are open

to a pulsing inner song.


Such things are done in quiet times

despite the sea’s of pain,

of stress and deep frustration

and chores which daily strain

the sinews of the backbone

and the nerve ends in the brain.


 It was not a road I trod by choice,

 for I was asked to go !

by something I did not know what;

and did not want to know.

It was more than I did bargain

on the day I gave a sigh

desiring knowledge of the all,

 and answers such as.. “WHY”.



And even when the World was gone,

and I was asked if I would “GO”,

my answer then, in truth, and fear,

was NO, no, no, no, no !


But there is a Cosmic blackmail

even while amid great fear;

a Love unknown by mortals;

a love which draws you near,

and transports you through such aeons,

through depths of time untold,

to the ultimate destination;

where the answers thus unfold.


But be warned, you are not the piper

that calls the mystic tune

the day it comes to take you,

be it morning, night, or noon.


 And when you KNOW,

you will not rest

with religions motley throng

for they do not KNOW the Singer;

and they do not KNOW the Song.



*       *       *


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